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Lucky girl gets her iPhone 6s four days ahead of schedule; check the benchmark [atualizado]

Every year, Apple aligns with FedEx and UPS so that iPhones are only delivered on the scheduled day. However, as the number of orders is very large, it is not uncommon to see someone arriving at the hands of the lucky ones the day before.

This time, however, a girl received her iPhone 6s in the new pink gold color, by the way no less than four days ahead of schedule!

The designer Adrienne Alpern (@MoonshineDesign) did not contain happiness on Twitter and was soon tasked with carrying out some tests with the new device.

This screen from Geekbench 3 shows that his A9 processor is running at 1.8GHz (against 1.4GHz from A8) and that he really has 2GB of RAM:

O benchmark it doesn't disappoint at all:

The test single-core puts the iPhone 6s ahead of even the iPad Air 2 and mini 3.

Two videos filmed with him (of course, compressed by Twitter):

O MacRumors also posted some photos taken by Adrienne, in high resolution: 1, 2, 3.

Not bad

Update · 09/22/2015 s 09:57

O vlogger Marques Brownlee has already published an unboxing video and first impressions of the new iPhones:

J Casey Neistat strolled through New York showing how to shoot 4K in real situations:

(tip from Felipe Maiato)