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LG signs agreement with Apple to supply LCD panels over the next 5 years

LG Display, a South Korean division of LG for panel production, announced today that it has signed a major contract with Apple, which consists of supplying LCD panels to be used on Cinema Displays and iMacs screens over the next five years, according to the Macworld.

Apple Cinema Displays

The company, one of the largest in the world in the segment, said that the agreement signed is very important for it, as it offers the opportunity to receive a high profile from Apple consumers, in addition to representing an increase in the company's revenue. LG Display is estimated to receive about $ 500 million from Cupertino, but no further details have been revealed on the matter.

More than a month ago, we reported that LG was working on a new LCD panel capable of supporting gesturesmulti-touch, which was ready to be produced on a large scale. Is that the right time now?