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iPhone could win multi-core processor

multi-core iPhone

Imagination Technologies, the company responsible for manufacturing POWERVR graphics and video systems that are currently used on the iPhone, will soon launch a new version at CES 2009 multi-core of its graphics chip, the POWERVR SGX543. This is the first version of chips with multiple cores that supports GPGPU acceleration technology, created by the company, and that could be Apple's choice to equip your smartphone.

The new chip, in addition to considerably increasing the processing power of the iPhone, will allow Apple to create new applications and functions that are currently not used on smartphones and are restricted to computers. Not to mention that all this extra processing makes the iPhone a gaming platform much more powerful than the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP.

For those who don't remember, Imagination Technologies is the company from which Apple recently bought a percentage of shares. Although Ma has a certain preference within the company, we should only see this new chip reach the iPhone in about 18 months as the company has just licensed the new technology, this is the minimum time to see devices equipped with the POWERVR SGX543 reach the market . With this, it is more likely that the next version of the smartphone will be equipped with the current version of POWERVR chips, the SGX.

However, current rumors point to a new firmware version for the iPhone, the iPhone 3.0, which has support for processors quad-core. As Apple has an ARM architecture license and PA Semi (which was purchased by Apple) specializes in low-power chip design, it is more likely that it will adopt a processor bypass multi-core company ARM Cortex A9, together with the POWERVR SGX chip in the next version of the iPhone.