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Intel will bring to market new processor aimed at lower cost ultralight notebooks

Intel Core 2 Duo on MacBook Air

According to information obtained during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2009, Intel has plans to launch a new processor – based on the ?Core 2? microarchitecture – for ultralight laptops, later this year. The expected chip to be launched is the same as the one used by Apple on the MacBook Air, which is relatively small (22mm).

Contrary to what it seems, this new chip will not compete with the Atom line, also from Intel, in the netbook segment. It is exclusive for use in ultralight laptops, "less than an inch thick". With the exception of the white MacBook, all Apple laptops would be well suited for the use of this processor, but you should not receive it because it is not as powerful, compared to the chip that already comes with these machines.

Currently, Intel offers options for this type of notebook at lower costs (only Core 2 Duo ?S?), but they are not widely used due to their weak thermal design – 10W, approximately three times smaller compared to the Core 2 Standard laptop duo, ranging from 25W to 35W. Stronger options have a 17W thermal design, but still operate below the standard configuration of the market, in addition to not having a good cost-benefit ratio.

(Via: CNET News.)