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Infographic: on average, a person in São Paulo needs to work 109 hours to buy an iPhone 6

Every three years, the Swiss bank UBS publishes a report of ?Prices & Earnings? highlighting the average purchasing power of people in different cities around the world.

Based on the 2015 edition, the Statista compiled the following chart showing how much people need to work, on average, to be able to buy an iPhone 6 (16GB model).

Hours worked vs. iPhone 6

The extremes go from Kiev (627 hours, the equivalent of 13 working weeks) to Zurich (20 hours, that is, less than 3 working days), with So Paulo showing up in the middle in 109 working hours (just over 2 weeks).

I can hardly imagine what will happen to this graph when the iPhone 6s arrives here. Fasten your seat belts. :-S

(tip from Robson Pinheiro, via Forbes)