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Google thinks about building its own routers


According to several sources, there is an intense rumor that Google intends, soon, to manufacture its own routers in order to better manage the monstrous data flow that travels through its internet connection band.

If true, this new attitude means the end of the contract between the search company and Juniper, a company specialized in offering routing of large amounts of data. According to SD Times, "It seems that Google is fed up with JUNOS (Juniper device software) and the various difficulties present in an environment that, frankly, has not yet discovered the best practices".

Losing your Google account would be, both for Juniper and for any other company, a big commercial blow, without a doubt. However, what should be of most concern to companies specializing in network infrastructure – including Cisco – is the supposed entry of the search giant into the firewall and router market. The fight would be good!