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#EUvsVirus: from finance to art, Portuguese pioneered Hackaton to find solutions to combat COVID-19

The challenge ran for almost three days, at the end of April, and the premises were simple: use the hackaton, in virtual mode, to put the best minds into developing projects and solutions that have practical application in this pandemic period of COVID-19. The Portuguese answered the call, and even before starting, there were more than 500 registered, in totally Portuguese, or mixed teams.

Among all countries, the #EUvsVirus Hackathon had more than 20,900 participants, with a broad representation of the largest European countries, not only in the number of registrants but in the solutions presented. The result of all the entrepreneurs together was the presentation of 2,150 solutions, in areas such as health and life, business continuity, teleworking and education, social and political cohesion, digital finance, but also art and entertainment. At stake were more than 100 thousand euros, offered by partners of the initiative to projects that showed the greatest potential to save lives and help life to return to normal.

Like the pandemic of COVID-19, it is a huge challenge for society and the European economy, to find out the winners, who won the right to finance 5 or 10 thousand euros, and two runner-ups, who are invited to the Matchathon that takes place this year. on the new EIC COVID Platform, it was also a marathon that featured 380 volunteers, 2,400 mentors and more than 800 partners, from 141 nationalities and from different areas.

The results were shared in a live on Facebook, with 117 distinguished teams, and the Portuguese showed their skills, with several teams in which they participated in reaching the finalists of the 37 challenges.

Finance art and entertainment: ss or in multi cultural teams

ImpactMarket – Open CrowdFinance for Impact was the only team of Portuguese to receive funding, with 3 thousand euros for a decentralized minimum income system that can support vulnerable communities and people living in extreme poverty. The project led by Marco Barbosa, who was considered one of the 30 most promising Europeans under the age of 30 by Forbes and who launched the solidarity cryptocurrency eSolidar.

Ed4Uoy, in the area of ??universities, SciFunmily, in schools, EffiScienc-y, and UNITE Public Procurement Platform showed how the Portuguese are good at building bridges in multi-national teams, such as the project in which Pedro Ferreira, the Guide-Your-Guide participated : Experience culture from home, which received a financing of 5,000 euros.

The Guide-Your-Guide team has participants from Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom, Norway and Portugal. Pedro Ferreira tells SAPO TEK that he signed up with his co-founder during Hackaton week, looking mainly for networking to try to understand if the technology they were developing, which applies to the entertainment area, could serve for any of the teams or ideas that were being discussed, and ended up in a team of 13 people, from various areas, being chosen as winners in the category.

"I only knew one person on the team and I think he was the only one, besides, no one knew him before", explained Pedro Ferreira to SAPO TEK

And how did this "meeting" happen? "I believe that luck, coincidence, karma, one of the first chats in the first hours of the Hackathon was with Paul and we realized that our ideas were aligned and that he liked our technological base", he adds. That same day he started to "recruit" more people from guides, designers, marketers, "including people who left other teams to join us", and the basis was created that would lead to the development of the project.