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Don't you want to abandon your iPhone 6/6 Plus? Then check out these waterproof cases with built-in battery!

Every year Apple updates the line of iPhones. so since 2007, when the first device was launched, and in 2015 it was no different. Next Friday (25/9) the iPhones 6s / 6s Plus will hit the market and, although many users will upgrade, many more will definitely continue with their current devices (whether for financial reasons, think that the news new devices do not justify the exchange, or any other reason).

If you are one of those people and will stay with your iPhone 6/6 Plus, we have some good news on MM Store!

LifeProof ND Case

Cover ND

Price: from R $ 299.90Manufacturer: LifeProofFeature: waterproof / dirtColor: blackCompatibility: iPhones 5c / 5 / 5s / 6/6 Plus

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THE ND, waterproof case bestseller from LifeProof, is now available for both iPhones 6 and iPhones 6 Plus.

LifeProof Case FR

FR cover

Price: R $ 399.90Manufacturer: LifeProofFeature: waterproof / dirtColor: blackCompatibility: iPhone 6

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J a FR, another famous model from the same manufacturer, has been available for some time in our store.

As we explained in our review of the LifeProof cases, the great differential of them is that, while the FR is divided into two parts (one front and one rear), ND offers the same protections but without a plastic protection on top of the screen, being sealed directly on the appliance glass. That's right: you actually touch the screen of your iPhone and yet it is protected from water and dirt.

FR Case for iPhone 6, from LifeProofFR Case for iPhone 6, from LifeProof

They were created under military standards (entitled to the IP-68 seal), being hermetically sealed and offering 1 hour of protection under water at depths of up to 2 meters in addition to protection against impacts in the same proportion (falls of up to 2 meters from height).

IP-68 means International Protection Marking (international protection brand). This is an IEC seal (International Electrotechnical Commission, or International Electrotechnical Commission), a non-profit company that sets standards and compliance for all electrical, electronic and related devices. The seal is always followed by two numbers, the first being the measurement of resistance against solid particles (solid particle protection, measured from 1 to 6), and the second to depth (liquid ingress protection) that the object supports the submerged, measured from 1 to 9.

The LifeProof seal (IP-68) means that the cover was militarily tested by IEC and, in a ranking of 1 to 6, it has total resistance against solid particles (be it sand, flour or any type of dust); in the depth ranking, it obtained a qualification less than the maximum, supporting up to 2 meters in depth.

For more information on these cases, I suggest reading our review despite not focusing on the iPhones 6/6 Plus (they did not yet exist when we wrote the article), the quality and protection are the same!

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Another novelty in the MM Store is the recharging case juice pack air, by mophie.

Reference in the area, this case offers an extra 2.750mAh battery for your iPhone 6. This means that you can fully recharge the device and still have a little battery left for a quick recharge.

Mophie case juice pack airMophie case juice pack air

This beauty has also been the subject of review here on the website written by a client of the MM Store, by the way. If you are thinking about purchasing a loader case, I highly suggest reading it. I'm sure you decide for her.

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Here is an important warning about these products. LifeProof reported that its cases designed for iPhones 6/6 Plus at the they are compatible with the new iPhones (6s / 6s Plus), as they are millimetrically created to protect the devices. The manufacturer is already preparing to launch models of the cases compatible with the new Apple smartphones and in the future we intend to sell them in the MM Store.

As for mophie, she was unable to answer whether her loader case was compatible, as she has not yet had time to prepare all the tests. So, as I said at the beginning of the article, purchase these products only if you do not intend to dispose of your iPhone 6/6 Plus (or are even buying one now, taking advantage of the lower prices).