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Company analyzes and concludes that the screen of the iPad mini 4 exceeds that of the Air 2 in some ways

We had already superficially commented that the iPad mini 4 screen ?Equal? to the iPad Air 2, including laminating and anti-reflective coating. But it goes beyond that, as shown by an analysis made by DisplayMate.

According to the company, the color range of the screen of the new iPad mini is now equivalent to that of its larger brothers and also of recent iPhones (101% of the sRGB, against only 62% of the previous models). Basically, images look the same when viewed on all of these iGadgets.

But, with the iPad mini 4, Apple managed to reach a record of only 2% of screen reflection which contributes to the visualization of colors and contrast, improving the readability of the screen. In comparison, the iPad Air 2 screen recorded 2.5% reflection, while the iPad mini 3 had 6.5%.

In addition to this greatly improved screen, the iPad mini 4 now also comes with a slimmer and lighter design, A8 64-bit chip with M8 coprocessor and 2GB of RAM, cameras equivalent to the iPad Air 2, faster wireless connectivity and support for all the new multitasking features of iOS 9. Be sure to check out the disassembly performed by iFixit.

(via iClarified)