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Apple publishes details on replacing the battery in the 17-inch MacBook Pro

The price, she had already stated, but it still needed to clarify some details on how the battery replacement on the 17-inch MacBook Pro was carried out. Nestap support page is not located in another language, only in English, it is possible to find a price table with the service price in each region of the world. No Brazil or any other Latin American country yet, but this work should only be done here in the service centers.

New MacBook Pro 17 battery

In one of its Retail Stores, Apple guarantees the replacement of the battery on the same day that the machine is taken. It is also possible to send the machine for replacement, but in this case the exchange takes three to four business days. At any other service center, you will need to contact advance deadlines before sending your MacBook Pro to replace the battery, as they may take a while to order and get the job done.

The replacement service is guaranteed for one year, but the replacement battery can also last up to five years (or 1,000 recharges).

(Via: MacRumors.)