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Apple patent describes camera operation positioned behind the screen of its computers / monitors

Imagine this: if you have one of the new MacBooks or an iMac, you should find your iSight almost imperceptible. The only indication that your Mac has its indicator light, which only lights up when you need to start a video conversation, is that when you look up from your display to talk to someone.

MacBooks released in October and the new 17-inch MacBook ProMacBooks released in October and the new 17 "MacBook Pro: almost impossible to see iSight, right?

However, with all this minimalist style, there is still a problem. It shouldn't be too cool for some to have to alternate the screen view of your Mac, where you are working, for iSight, in a video conversation with a friend or professional contact. To try to solve this, Apple proposes in a patent to mount the camera behind the Mac screen – or monitor, in the case of an LED Cinema Display.

Patent example for iSight behind the Display

According to the document, the camera would capture images when the elements of the display were in an inactive state (darkened or semi-transparent). Of course, this does not mean that the screen will have to be dark while pictures are being taken or blinking, in the case of video capture.

The same patent also describes an additional system that would have two integrated cameras, with video conferencing software combining the images captured by them in one. Of course, this is something that many applications would not support, but system APIs could give this control for use in third-party applications.

Patent example for iSight behind the Display

Apparently, the use of this application can go beyond computer screens. Users who wait so long for a front-facing camera on the iPhone for videoconferencing can also believe in such a possibility applied in future generations of Apple's mobile phone.

(Via: AppleInsider.)