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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but there are texts that always look good

The main purpose of TextArt is to help users easily add text to photos. For this, the app offers several types of fonts, with different color palettes.

There are backgrounds available, but you can also use the images you save in the gallery of your smartphone as a background. Regarding the text, you can choose between phrases made in categories such as love, friendship, good morning, thanks or motivational or write a sentence of your own authorship.

TextArt has free editing tools such as filters, crop, rotation, mirror, and others for permanent paid or temporary access, viewing advertising.

Among other resources available are also stickers and decorative elements, the latter with the same type of restricted paid or temporary access with advertising.

As already noted, TextArt Text to photo is free, but with advertising and in-app purchases, and is available for Android devices.