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Take a sensory journey by transforming your data into an interactive profile of the human body

The Frontier Within website is an online experience that transforms users' blood circulation, breathing and nervous system to create an interactive profile of the human body. This is a very pleasant multimedia sensory journey, which you can do from the internet browser, being better experienced with a headset with external sound cancellation.

This experience, linked to a sports supplement sales company, requires the use of the webcam to record a photo, transforming it into small interactive points with the mouse, while a voice takes us through the actions: inhale and exhale, until you start listening the heart beating

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At the end of the experiment, considering that you recorded your date of birth, some interesting statistics are provided, such as the number of thoughts you have had since you were born, or the number of times you have already beaten your heart. And breathing, do you know how many hot air balloons he could fill since he was born? Experience a very relaxing trip.