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My phone won't turn on! What to do?

If you've ever stopped and wondered why the hell my cell doesn't turn on, know that you're not alone, my friend. Even though you're a professional on Android devices, some situations can go beyond your skills and we just have to ask what to do. Today, we give you some tips and solutions that can help whenever this happens.

Is the cell phone discharged?

It may sound silly, but that should be the first question to ask. Sometimes you spend so much time playing or watching videos on YouTube that when you take your device back in your hands, it?s discharged. Connect the device to a charger and make sure that the device is switched off due to lack of battery power. And remember, sometimes the phone needs a few minutes of charging before it can be turned on.

androidpit battery low 1

Your device may only have a dead battery, instead of dead / ANDROIDPIT

Screen does not respond

This is another possibility: the phone is working, but the screen is not responding. The easiest way to check this is to hold the power button until the device turns off. You will hear a startup sound or feel a vibration. This means that your device is working, but if the problem persists, it is best to refer it to a specialist store for repair.

You can try to press the on / off button it's the volume down button simultaneously; if the screen is still working, your device will show the Recovery menu. Then do the Wipe Data / Factory Reset device to try to recover it. Remember that this process will erase all data on your device and format it, as if it had just left the factory. Therefore, always make a backup of your data.

Did it drop or get wet?

This is one of the most common reasons for a phone not to call. If you recently dropped or wet your device, some problems tend to arise. When the device remains wet for a long time, this can result in a short circuit, for example.

Then, follow our recommendations guide for cell phones that are in the water. If you dropped it and then the phone did not turn on again, quickly take it to an appropriate repair service.

AndroidPIT use with broken display

Did it fall or get wet? Find out how to fix your device / AndroidPIT

Do many bugs mean that my phone will "die"?

If you notice strange actions, slowness or sudden shutdowns, there may be a problem with the software, requiring replacement of the firmware.

It is first necessary to research similar symptoms, to later make sure that your firmware needs to be replaced. We have an abundance of guides and tutorials on AndroidPIT, for various models of smartphones and tablets, which can help you do a factory reset right in the device settings.

androidpit nexus 5 bootloader 2

Cleaning the system can resolve bugs and crashes / AndroidPIT

If changing firmware is complex for you, we recommend that your device be referred for specialized technical assistance.

Is the battery swelling or leaking?

Another reason your phone will not turn on may be that the battery is expired or worn out. Problems with this component usually happen over time, but they can also appear suddenly, especially if it is swollen or leaking after an accident.

If the back of your device is removable, remove it, remove and replace the battery. But first make sure that, in case of leaks, the liquid has not come into contact with the electrical circuit. The battery must be replaced with a new one that meets the same specifications as the previous one, such as the amperage capacity.

AndroidPIT Wet samsung galaxy S5 5220

Change the battery of your device if it shows wear / AndroidPIT

Problems with the charger?

Sometimes, the fact that a device does not turn on can be an external problem. The charger cable, USB cable or plug adapter can wear out and cause problems. Be sure to try another cable or adapter, in addition to, of course, testing it in another outlet.

androidpit USB 12

Try charging your phone with other cables / AndroidPIT

Are you seeing only the screen with the manufacturer's logo?

If your phone turns on, but does not go beyond the boot, that is, the one with the image of the manufacturer's name, it is experiencing a bug that we call bootloop. This means that your device has turned on, but getting stuck on this same screen due to a problem.

If you recently updated the Android version or installed a new ROM, clearing the cache and data on the partition may resolve. We have several tips and tutorials that teach you how to perform these cleanings or do a reset factory.

AndroidPIT Moto X wipe cache partition

Clearing the cache or partition can renew your device's system / AndroidPIT

note: If your device is under warranty, we recommend that you obtain authorized assistance before attempting anything on your own.

Have you ever had a cell phone that you didn't want to call? What did you do to solve the problem? Comment here.

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