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Looking for free apps? Discover five applications and games to renew your “stock”

There are habits that do not change, even with the measures of deflation that the country is gradually implementing. For this reason, and as usual, SAPO TEK gathered five free applications this week to try on the tablet or smartphone, both for iOS and Android.

Legends or Runeterra and Badland Brawl were the two games highlighted by our team, which presented even more applications that want to help you become the best version of yourself. Time to also try Ribbet, a photo editor for iOS that promises to help you make your photos even more interesting and give them a more professional look.

See this week's suggestions.

Legends of Runeterra card game has arrived on smartphones

After the beta started on the PC, Android and iOS devices can also be used to play the game inspired by the League of Legends universe.

After making his debut on computers, Legends or Runeterra arrived on smartphones, with versions optimized to take anywhere and compete against other players. The game, produced by Riot, puts the characters of League of Legends in a different context, in the form of collectible cards.

Whether in friendly matches or counting for rankings, the collector's goal is to collect the cards to form a powerful deck and face other friends online. In addition to winning random cards during matches, you will be able to purchase the cards you want specifically in the store, with the stadium choosing to leave out the usual package systems with random units as seen in other games.

The decks are made up of Champions, currently with 24 different cards, whose skills and mechanics dictate the rest of the team's composition. The normal unit cards must therefore complement the heroes to quickly raise the level of attacks and win the game.

Considering that Legends of Runeterra, which has already been released on the PC, supports crossplay matches between all platforms, allowing you to keep the content unlocked on all of them. There are also guard cards, which function in the background as friendly mascots for the player, who are present on the board and react with the moves.

You can download Legends or Runeterra for free on iOS and Android versions.

Want to change something in your life? This app challenges you to achieve it in 21 days

To feel more motivated the application requires a set of daily tasks to achieve the defined goals.

Taking a break on social media, being more productive or adopting a healthier lifestyle may have been some of the goals for this year. If you haven't been able to do it yet, or just want to have a new habit, the 21 Days Challenge app wants to help you feel more motivated.

The decision to change and define what you want to change is in your hands. After that first phase, the application aims to help you achieve your goal for 21 days, establishing daily tasks.

Whenever you complete each plan, you must register this "triumph", with the app acting as a way of "tracking" habits. Each time you complete a task, you earn points, which allow you to create your own avatar with more options to choose from, such as clothing or hairstyles.

By activating notifications that remind you of tasks, you can choose the time that is best for that to happen. Thus, it becomes more difficult to not meet the challenges.

The free app is available for Android and iOS.

InYou: an app for those who want to become the best version of themselves

Nutrition, physical activity and emotional balance are the three areas worked on by InYou, an application that assumes the role of personal assistant.

Developed by health professionals, InYou is presented as an intuitive and uncomplicated application, aimed at anyone who wants to live – and be – better.

The creators' proposal involves presenting different suggestions or challenges in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and emotional balance. The objective is to draw up a plan for changing habits, adapted to the user, leading to healthier life routines.

Among the resources provided by InYou are audio, videos and texts explaining step by step each step of the programs; knowledge sheets prepared by specialists to help better understand health and self-knowledge issues; and personalized advice.

There is also some "gamification", with challenges that include the right to shareable badges, designed to encourage focus and achievement of objectives.

InYou is free and available for Android and iOS devices.

Need to give selfies a special touch? Ribbet promises to make photos even more interesting

With Ribbet, a wide range of tools are available to make your photos more appealing or even more professional. To easily share images the application allows you to export or import them directly from Facebook, Google Drive and Photos, Instagram, Dropbox or Flickr.

Sometimes, the photographs we take with the smartphone need a special touch, be it a simple contrast correction or even an effect that makes them more appealing. Ribbet is a photo editor for iOS that promises to help you make your photos even more interesting and give them a more professional look. All of this in a simple way.

The application has a vast number of editing tools to enhance the photographs. In addition to being able to apply the typical filters, you can also make static corrections in a similar way to Face-Tune, add text or borders and create creative collages.

To facilitate the process of sharing photos on social networks, Ribbet allows you to export or import images directly from Facebook, Google Drive and Photos, Instagram, Dropbox or Flickr. Thinking of those who take photo editing on the go seriously, Ribbet offers a Pro mode with all the necessary tools to take your creations to the next level.

The basic version of Ribbet is free and available both for Android, in the Play Store, and for iOS, in the App Store. Users can subscribe to the Premium mode, which offers all Pro editing tools for around 2.99 euros per month or 29.99 euros per year.

Badland Brawl a competitive multiplayer game that mixes Angry Birds with Clash Royale

The objective is to destroy the opponent's tower, but you will have to use a slingshot to launch units for combat.

Known by the Badland series, the independent studio Frog Mind has taken different paths in Badland Brawl, a completely competitive online game. Its colorful and detailed visuals hide a visceral combat between two players, with the aim of destroying the opponent's tower. To do this, use your card deck to place units on the battlefield, as in games like Clash Royale.

The big difference is that the characters are thrown through a slingshot, just as they do with Angry Birds, trying to intercept opponents' units, always with their eyes on the tower. The characters are appearing randomly, as well as weapons and spells cards, which players must manage through an energy bar that is being consumed.

The units have different weights, which influence the distance of the projection, like arrows that can be fired directly at the tower. Others do not go beyond their game area. In addition, it must attack from the air or from the ground, using the respective units, the same being valid to intercept and avoid the attacks of the opponents.

In this sense, in addition to the strategy view of the clash, about the choices of when to use a certain character, there must also be the ability to maximize the damage that it does to opponents, through the catapult. Overall, it is a game with a concept that is easy to learn, but far from dominating the best tactics.

Battle winners collect coins and eggs to unlock new cards, improve unit clones and access new attacks and skills. Card management works like other games of the genre, the more similar units you accumulate, these will be merged to create more powerful versions.

You can download Badland Brawl free for iOS and Android smartphones.