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Following tradition, iFixit disassembles both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus; check all the guts of the devices!

The schedule is repeated every year: rumors, more rumors, leaks, announcements, reviews, queues, unboxing, first impressions and, of course, as it could not be missing, dismantling the iFixit. The guys once again traveled to Australia and did, during this dawn, the teardowns of both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Shall we check your insides?

iPhone 6s

Highlights, in topics:

  • The color of the Pentalobe screws (always them) on the bottom of the iPhone according to the color of the device itself. In the case of the disassembled unit, the new rose gold.
  • The entire display structure is reinforced with an adhesive that runs through the iPhone's housing.
  • Three cables connect the screen structure to the logic board, against four from before. It now weighs 15 grams more, reaching 60 grams.
  • Even jumping from 1.2 to 5 megapixels, the look of the front camera (FaceTime) looks the same.
  • Ditto can be said to the button Home, which looks identical even with the second generation of Touch ID.
  • The size of the new Taptic Engine really explains why the battery has decreased. Now only 1,715mAh, against 1,810mAh of the previous model; Apple promises the same autonomy, however.
  • The presence of 2GB of RAM was confirmed once again.
  • Qualcomm's modem now the MDM9635M, while the iPhone 6 used the MDM9625M. This should explain the advances in speed and band coverage promised by Apple.
  • The A9 chip itself is slightly larger physically compared to the A8, but it is worth remembering that the M9 coprocessor is now integrated with it.
  • The NFC controller has also been updated: now the NXP 66V10, before it was 65V10.
  • The shape of the speaker has changed slightly, but in general it should not differ from the previous model.
  • In the structure of the lower Lightning cable there are not one, but two microphones attached.
  • As before, the side button Sleep / Wake it still comes coated with a rubber that gives the iPhone some water resistance. But Apple has nothing to say about it, officially.

iPhone 6s Plus

Focusing on the differences:

  • In Plus, the weight increase of the screen structure was even greater from 60 to 80 grams.
  • Interestingly, the Taptic Engine of the iPhone 6s Plus is much smaller than the iPhone 6: 15x8x4.9mm, against 35x6x3.2mm. IFixit believes that Apple did this so as not to have to further reduce the device's battery.
  • Speaking of which, we now have 2,750mAh versus 2,915mAh from before.
  • As with last year's model, the rear camera structure (iSight) is different on the larger iPhone as it has optical stabilization.

The gallery at the beginning of the post brings pictures of the disassembly of the iPhone 6s. The following are some of the iPhone 6s Plus:

iPhone 6s Plus disassembled by iFixit

iPhone 6s Plus disassembled by iFixit

iPhone 6s Plus disassembled by iFixit

iPhone 6s Plus disassembled by iFixit

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IFixit gave both devices a grade 7/10 in terms of ?reparability?, which is not bad. Apple loses points for still using proprietary screws in the housing structure.

Those who lost, it is also worth checking out the recent disassembly they made of the iPad mini 4 and the new Apple TV. In July, we saw the new iPod touch; in April, the new MacBook and the Apple Watch.