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Citigroup projects estimates on Apple's financial results

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Given the expectation of Apple's fiscal results in the first fiscal quarter of 2009 that will be announced next week, Citigroup has lowered the expectation of profits for the company, whose projections indicate something around $ 9.9 billion. However, he continues to believe that the company's earnings per share will be greater than estimated ($ 1.39).

The reason for this is the strong demand for MacBooks recently launched, whose sales grew 40% compared to the previous quarter, according to estimates. In the total of laptops sold, it is estimated that the growth was 30%. In the midst of an economic crisis, iPod sales also appear to have been good for Apple: estimates bet on a total of 22 million sold, which should set a new sales record.

Returning to the Mac: Despite the sales success of the new MacBooks, the total number of Apple computers sold during the quarter is expected to be slightly lower than expected, given the decrease in spending by the world population during the economic crisis. In relation to the fourth quarter of 2008, the fall may reach 15%.

As for the iPhone, Citigroup points out that the fiscal results will indicate a huge drop in sales, which should be around 4 million units. Despite this, a drop in production of the current models is expected in the face of an update, which should boost sales in the second quarter of 2009.

(Via: AppleInsider.)