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Apple may be working on 15-inch MacBook Air

A Chinese blog published two days ago an article citing information about a supposed MacBook Air with a bigger screen than the current one, which was already being produced by Apple. Currently, Ma's ultra-light is only sold with a 13.3-inch display, but the website suggests that new units would be in production with a 15-inch LED display, similar to the one used on the basic MacBook Pro.

15-inch MacBook Air?

It is believed that the larger size can make it perform better, using more powerful processors – they suggest the ?latest? Core 2 Duo chips, intended for ultra-light notebooks – and, who knows, more standard memory than than the current 2GB.

The same site published alleged images of the new MacBooks design before they were released in October, but all the rumors were false. Apparently, they will bring more news "in the second half of this year", but if they commented that the models are already in production, why mention such a long time interval?