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According to IDC, Apple fell to fourth place in computer sales in the United States

Apparently, the decline in computer sales from the previous quarter caused Apple to fall from the third largest position in computer sales in the United States, according to IDC. Estimates made by the consultancy reveal that Ma sold 1,246 million Macs in the country during the fourth quarter of 2008 – or 7.2% of the total sold in the period. Apple's growth was also much lower than we were used to seeing: 7.5%, compared to the fourth quarter of 2007.

Mac family

However, Acer continued to sell well: about 2.074 million PCs during the past quarter, or almost 12% of the total sold in the period. It was the company that made the most progress in sales in the middle of the crisis, thanks to its large offer of low-cost computers. Given these factors, she managed to take Apple out of third place.

The two largest companies in the industry in the United States – Dell and HP – had in significant changes in sales, but Dell in particular has dropped considerably in relation to the fourth quarter of 2007: 16.4%. HP also sold less compared to the previous year: 3.3%. But the total sold by each of them came even closer.

PC sales in the fourth quarter of 2008

In the annual results, however, the numbers are more favorable for Apple, although the position of the top five in the United States has remained exactly the same. It sold 5.26 million Macs in the country during 2008, growing 25.7% over 2007. While it represented 7.7% of the total sold during the year, Acer also managed to surpass it at that point, with 9.1%.

PC sales in 2008

Apple's biggest challenge for 2009 is trying to offer its computers at more competitive prices for sale. But at the moment, the only ones that meet this picture in a considerable way are the Mac mini and the white MacBook. Apple's cheapest notebook (and the best selling one) still maintains a good cost / benefit ratio, while the Mac mini has not received updates in a long time. So, the way to wait for good news in this regard for February.