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5 war games for those who want to dominate a battlefield!

Mobile games have more quality every day, whether in graphics or gameplay. War games are among the options that most attract gamers for being more and more close to the experiences that you have in powerful video games.

To ensure a challenging war experience, AppGeek has selected some of the best games to transport you to an environment where your virtual survival will be pushed to the limit! Only options for Android and iPhone. Check out!

1. World War Heroes

War game World War Heroes

With seven game modes and incredible graphics, World War Heroes allows you to enter the battlefield with players from all over the world, once the game is online. Inspired by World War 2, the game features tanks and everything!

Among the seven game modes, there are: two teams fighting for supremacy, combat squad, two teams equipped with tanks in battle for supremacy, among others. You can even create your own way, personalized the way you want!

The game is free, but if you want a little help when facing your friends, you can buy extra items that can make the game even more interesting.

To download World War Heroes, select the operating system: Android / iOS.

2. Real Commando Secret Mission

Real Commando Secret Mission war game

As the name says, in this game you participate in secret war missions to achieve different goals. The detailed graphics, with an air of video games of the last generations, the game has a rich history that transports you straight to the battlefields.

At first, you have no weapon. Then just embark on the chilling adventure to collect items and, who knows, be the lord of war in this game with action all the time! Perfect for anyone who wants to use strategies and test their knowledge of war.

The controls are easily ordered, without taking up too much space on the screen, which further motivates players to move forward on the mission. And, if you're lucky, you can find items that will make a difference for your survival. Of course, to give a little girl buy powerful weapons inspired by the real world!

To download the Real Commando Secret Mission, select: Android

3. Frontline Commando: WW2 Shooter

Frontline Commando war game: WW2

The very well developed graphics are one of the most interesting points in this war game. The battle modes are diverse and you can take part in historical clashes, inspired by World War 2!

Despite dangerous missions, the gameplay is simple and you are instantly transported to battlefields in Germany, Italy and even Belgium. During missions, test your shooting skills and eliminate invaders from strategic villages.

The game has an incredible arsenal of weapons, which can be improved according to its advancement in history. There are machine guns, rocket spear, flame spear, high precision rifles, among many other options for you to emerge victorious.

To download Frontline Commando: WW2, select the system: Android / iOS.

4. Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms 3 War Game

With action from start to finish, Brothers in Arms 3 also has excellent graphics and simple, yet extremely effective gameplay. To begin with, game modes involve multiplayers or even a Survival option, where your only mission is not to be murdered on the battlefield.

The scenarios of the game are to leave any fan of war games gaping. And the options for weapon arsenals are incredible! In addition, it is possible to collect special weapons for better effects during the fight, with choices of three shots at the same time and very accurate rifles.

Based on a third-person story, you can earn rewards at each advanced level and thus fight for your place at the top of the ranking of war. A great alternative to get weapons and special items!

To download Brothers in Arms 3, select the operating system: Android / iOS.

5. World War Survival

World War Survival war game

World War Survival is a first-person shooter that will transport you to a battlefield and come face to face with enemy soldiers. The graphics also count on a high level of quality and do not disappoint, as if you could have the gun in your hands!

With a lot of action in 3D graphics, there are game modes for sniper and prison escape on battlefields of a world war. You can even test your skills by creating strategies to become a real hero.

There is a huge range of weapons to choose from, such as machine guns and rifles. And if you don't want to follow the missions, the way free play allows you to be on the battlefield testing your shooting and survival skills.

To download World War Survival, select the operating system: Android / iOS.

Bonuses: Annelids – War of the Worms

War game Annelids: War of the Worms

But if you find the above options too violent, but still want a fun war game to pass the time, AppGeek recommends Annelids. The graphics are simple and the war environments look more like a maze full of enemies that you must face in the skin of a very nice worm.

a simple option, but great for those who want to spend time. This is because the app has 68 exclusive missions, 17 battlefield maps, 33 unique weapons and secret options unlocked as you advance through the challenges.

To make the game even more interesting for those who want to challenge their friends, the game has an option multiplayer via Bluetooth for up to 6 players at the same time. Perfect for those who want the simple, but fun!

To download Annelids: War of the Worm, select the system: Android / iOS.

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