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Xbox Series X: First images of 13 games show the potential of Ray Tracing on the console

Among the games shown at the Inside Xbox event are Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Dirt 5. Xbox Series X will be able to rotate 4K graphics at up to 120 frames per second

The new generation of consoles is among us. THE Microsoft showed the first gameplay images on the new console Xbox Series X In the event Inside Xbox this Thursday (07). This demo already shows the console's potential for games with Ray Tracing lighting technology and 4K graphics of up to 120 frames per second.

The company exhibited the gameplay of 13 games developed by partner stadiums of Microsoft. Among them are weight titles, such as Assassin?s Creed Valhalla and Dirt 5, and more modest ones, such as Bright Memory: Infinite and Call of the Sea. Check out the videos of each game below:

Assassin?s Creed Valhalla

Finally we have the first glimpse of the gameplay of the new Viking adventure from Ubisoft. Until then, only a movie trailer of the game had been released in late April.

According to what was revealed by the Ubisoft, the plot of the game with an Nordic theme takes place in the 9th century, during the Dark Ages of England. The protagonist is called Eivor, a Viking raider and clan leader. Players can choose to play as Eivor in a male or female version.

The launch is scheduled for the end of the year to Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, PRAÇA, Xbox one, Xbox Series X and Google Stadia.

Bright Memory: Infinite

Futuristic atmosphere. Weapons. Swords. Frentica. Everything in first person. what can we expect based on the gameplay images of Bright Memory: Infinite, gives Playism. What is striking about the game, too, is the fact that it was developed by just one person: Zeng Xiancheng, in his FYQD Personal Studio.

The game will be released later this year to Playstation 4, Xbox one, Xbox Series X and PRAÇA, but still has no date set. The game is already in early access on the PC by Steam.

Call of the Sea

The look of the adventure and puzzle game, set in the 1930s, worthy of Disney animation. The player can explore, in the first person, a mysterious and – literally – fantastic island. The wealth of details to fill your eyes.

The game of Raw Fury is expected to launch by the end of 2020 in the PRAÇA, Xbox one and Xbox Series X, and also be added to the catalog Xbox Game Pass.


Enjoy spaceship games in space? So this is the game for you. In the game developed by Deep Silver It will be possible to pilot galaxy ships outside in combat to conquer (and destroy?) bases and planets. All with fantastic visuals and effects. The game should be launched in 2021 to PRAÇA, Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox one, Xbox Series X and Google Stadia, but there is no date yet.

Dirt 5

While the announcement of a new Forza no come, already d to have fun (and be impressed) with the look of Dirt 5, gives Codemasters. From the images we can already have an idea of ??what to expect, at least in terms of graphics, for this category of games. The game will be released in October for PRAÇA, Playstation 4 and Xbox one and subsequently to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Madden NFL 21

In the FIFA style of being, Madden 21 will bring an even more realistic and immersive look to football matches. The other good news announced by AND THE that whoever buys the game for Xbox one will win free version for Xbox Series X (but that does not mean that the game will use Smart Delivery technology).

In addition to these consoles, the game will be released for Playstation 4, PlayStation 5 and PRAÇA. There is still no official launch date, but the expectation is in August, just like its predecessors.

Scarlet Nexus

The cartoonish aesthetic of anime is impeccable. In this RPG from Bandai Namco, the protagonist Yuito Sumeragi, who faces bizarre monsters with his sword and psychic abilities in the futuristic city of New Himuka.

The game still has no release date or platforms announced beyond the Xbox Series X.


The video doesn?t show the gameplay itself, but doesn?t skimp on exploring the details of the game?s hideous look, described by Ebb Software as ?an adventure game with an atmosphere of horror in the first person?. What is known is that the game's plot takes place in a world of nightmares and each location has its theme and puzzles.

The game will be released to Xbox Series X and PRAÇA, but there is still no specific date.

Second Extinction

The planet was taken over by mutant dinosaurs. You and your group need to win it back from the clutches of hordes of Jews using every possible and imaginable firearm. This is the premise of Systemic Reaction, which is cooperative for three players.

The game has no release date. So far, it has been announced only for Xbox Series X. You can sign up for the beta test on the official Second Extinction website.

The Ascent

In a distinct reality cyberpunk, the mega corporation that controlled the world collapsed. The mission you and your group have to find out what happened. Missions can be performed by a player or in cooperative mode.

The game, from Neon Giant and Digital Curve, be released to Xbox Series X and PRAÇA. A launch date and other platforms have yet to be revealed.

The Medium

In this psychological horror game, the player takes the place of Marianne, a medium who ends up trapped between two worlds: the real and the spiritual. The stadium game Bloober Team (Blair Witch, Observer and Layers of Fear).

The game will be released to PRAÇA and Xbox Series X at the end of 2020, but there is still no specific date. The stadium promised to release more details about the game soon.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

The vampire RPG sequence from Paradox Interactive will allow players to explore the underground vampire society in Seattle. It will be possible to choose how to proceed in the game's plot: through gross violence, political articulations or, apparently, dancing.

The game will be released to Xbox one, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PRAÇA. There is still no release date.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

The launch of Sega brings a new story unrelated to that of the character Kiryu, whose saga ended in Yakuza 6. The game has already been released for PS4 in Japan in January of this year, but Sega informed that it will also be a launch title for the Xbox Series X. In addition, the game will be compatible with the cross-save of Smart Delivery between the versions for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. So the player will not lose his progress when switching consoles.

The game will be released to Xbox one, Xbox Series X and PRAÇA at the end of 2020, but there is still no specific date.

What Smart Delivery?

Xbox Series X consoleXbox Series X is expected to be launched in late 2020.

a technology from Microsoft to enable the ownership of games between generations of consoles. Translating: whoever buys the game version for Xbox one (using this technology), have the version for free Xbox Series X. From this list of 13 games announced by Microsoft In the event Inside XBoxnine tero Smart Delivery. Just them:

  • Assassin?s Creed Valhalla;
  • Chorus;
  • Dirt 5;
  • Scarlet Nexus;
  • Second Extinction;
  • The Ascent;
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2;
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Regarding the other four games on the list, it was not specified whether they will be exclusive to Xbox Series X or if not Smart Delivery (so that the player who has Xbox One and wants to play the title on the Xbox Series X will have to buy it again).

Sources: The Verge and Xbox Wire