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Unlike Obama, the White House is in the technological dark age

Barack Obama, responsible for the most technologically prepared presidential campaign of all time, was greatly shocked when he arrived at the White House. The president-elect and his staff, accustomed to using Apple computers and the most modern personal computer technology available, found, when government headquarters arrived, outdated facilities and equipment.

Another good news is that the new American president has managed to retain possession of his favorite gadget. An undisclosed government agency that is part of the administration added a unique security code for the routine and personal messages on Barack Obama's device last Sunday, as Obama's preference for his BlackBerry 8830 smartphone was notorious. you are absolutely right: there is nothing in this world that compares to a BlackBerry when it comes to sending and receiving emails and text messages.

The right to own the device, however, was not achieved peacefully. White House bureaucrats were reluctant to approve the use of the BlackBerry for the new president, due to routine information security procedures. Everything indicates, however, that they were unable to stop the new president's desire, since, for him, maintaining contacts by email is a way of escaping the traps of power and staying in contact with ordinary people. Be very welcome, Barack Obama!

(Via: Washington Post.)