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Poll: performance is what our readers see most in a new Mac Pro

During this last month, we conducted a poll here on MacMagazine in which we asked our readers what the main resource they would like to see in a future generation of Macs Pro, Apple's professional desktop towers. Given the time the survey was online, we registered a record of participation: 1,616 votes.

See the result:

What feature would you most like to see on the next Macs Pro?

Firstly, with 41.7% of the votes, came the option ?Chip Core i7 octo-core?, Which means that users want performance most. Then, with 27.4%, the order for a Blu-ray optical drive. Third, with 14%, participants opted for a top-of-the-line NVIDIA graphics card.

Now, we?d like to know which of you will buy iLife ?09 and / or iWork ?09. Participate now, voting in the poll located on the side column of the site! Thank you!