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Intel lowers chip prices, launches new quad-core models and increases the expectation of arrival of new iMac

Intel Core 2 QuadIntel unveiled a new efficient line of Core 2 Quad processors on Monday, which will most likely equip the next generation of iMacs.

The new components run at 2.33GHz (Q8200s), 2.66GHz (Q9400s) and 2.83GHz (Q9550s), consuming only 65W of power at thermal limits, compared to the 95W of the previous generation running at the same speed. clock and all this without cutting resources or the amount of cache onboard: 4MB, 6MB and 12MB.

When purchased in quantity, the chips are expected to cost US $ 245, US $ 320 and US $ 369 each, much less than the equivalent Intel notebook models, which reach the level of US $ 1,038 / unit with clock 2.53GHz.

, iMacs update is getting closer and closer?

(Via: Electronista.)