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At the BoxWorks event, Tim Cook states that Apple has no plans to merge iOS with OS X

As we announced a month ago, Tim Cook was at the BoxWorks event today and was interviewed by the CEO of Box, Aaron Levie.

As predicted, the chat was well focused on the business efforts that Apple has made. According to Cook, this business already represents US $ 25 billion annually for the company.

But they also addressed other issues, such as the possibility that Apple could create a plane rumor that Cook promptly denied, which also ran away from a humorous question about singer Taylor Swift being more or less difficult to negotiate than investing Carl Icahn. The CEO also said that Ma's vision for television is quite clear when asked about the recent announcement of Apple TV fourth generation.

Levie also asked Cook if Apple would have plans to merge / unify iOS and OS X, something Cook vehemently denied saying only that the company is working on ways to facilitate the migration from one device to another. ?We don't believe in an operating system for PC and mobile. These operating systems do different things, ?said Cook.

The conversation also involved questions about Apple's recent business partnerships, environmental initiatives, the newly launched iPhone Upgrade Program and others, but nothing very significant or revealing.

Next month, Cook will also attend the WSJ.D LIVE conference.

(via Re / code)