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ASEM cuts ties with US partner EFI-X USA, which promoted the sale of Mac clones


It took, but it happened: Art Studios Entertaintment Media (ASEM) that manufactures the dongle EFI-X USB is used to circumvent Mac OS X installation checks and allow it to run on generic computers just ended its partnership with EFI-X USA, which until then was its sales representative in the United States.

According to Inquirer, the US firm's actions go against ASEM's intentions, as it markets PCs and Mac clones already equipped with EFI-X, thereby violating Apple's licensing terms for Mac OS X, its operating system. The company even went so far as to promote its product as ?an excellent trifle compared to the Mac Pro?, offering equivalent performance at a much lower price.

Other reasons that would have led to such a decision by ASEM are related to frequent exchanges of adapter prices and unsatisfactory support for consumers, according to Davide Rutigliano, its CEO.