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Apple updates Privacy page with a series of details about its latest software / services

A little over a year ago, Apple debuted a new page on its website all focused on Privacy including a letter written by CEO Tim Cook.

Today, this page has been updated with a number of important details about Apple's recent software and services including general encryption on iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, Apple Pay, iMessage and FaceTime, Health and Fitness, Safari, iCloud, Siri and Dictation, Apple Music, News, Maps, Spotlight suggestions, apps, HomeKit, ResearchKit, HealthKit, CloudKit, CarPlay and education.

The most personal technology must also be the most private.

As you add photos, messages, contacts and credit cards to your Apple devices, they become more personal. So we designed innovative ways to protect that data. And we build powerful protections on our operating systems, our apps and the devices themselves. Because the things you count on daily should keep your personal information safe.

On the website Apple also gives tips and guidance to users, talks about government orders and brings a complete Privacy Policy (updated on September 17, 2014). S on iOS 9 itself, she published a white paper (PDF) of 60 pages!

Apple's ?paranoia? with privacy is so great that some point it as the main factor for its online services to be so worse than Google's, for example. Recently, a study proved that Apple is one of the companies that most protects users' privacy and it was even applauded by Edward Snowden in an editorial written by him.

The page of the Brazilian website has not yet been updated, but that should happen soon.

(via The Verge)