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Apple launches online store for selling used products in China

Apple - Special Deals

Apple today announced that it has launched a new online store in China, aimed at selling used products at discounts of up to 22%. Apparently, his intention is to gradually expand his business in the country, since he launched his first retail store a few months ago, during the Olympic Games.

According to Huang Yuna, a spokesman for Apple in China, the products offered were previously returned by company customers and underwent a series of tests to prove their quality for sale. It will be possible to find from an iPod shuffle for 308 Chinese yuan (approximately R $ 106) to an iMac for 14,000 Chinese yuan (~ R $ 4,813).

Market strategies similar to this one have already been adopted by Apple in other countries. In some countries' own Apple Store Online, you can purchase refurbished products (refurbished) for much lower prices and with a guarantee of up to one year. In addition, some of its resellers also participate in the game: the most recent case was Best Buy, which sells refurbished iPhones 3G for $ 99 (8GB) since the beginning of January.

(Via: Reuters.)