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Apple and Samsung will try to reach an agreement to end the famous American legal dispute

No novelty for anyone who Apple and Samsung are facing each other in American courts. In fact, this dispute was global, but in August 2014 they agreed to end all fights outside the United States.

Why did the American (the most famous and important of them) continue? Hard to say. The CEOs of both companies have even met a few times (three, by my calculations) to try to resolve diversities in a ?friendly? way, but that deal has not come out. Now, according to the AppleInsider, their respective lawyers will try again.

The next stage of this trial that has been going on for years will be in March 2016, but before that the lawyers for Apple and Samsung will meet in November to try to finally settle everything. The talks will take place under the supervision of Judge Joseph Spero.

Will it now go?