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Apple admits that the Mini DisplayPort – Dual-Link DVI adapter works only with its 30-inch Cinema Display

Almost a month ago, I spoke here at MacMagazine about a supposed flaw in the Mini DisplayPort adapter – Dual-Link DVI, which did not work correctly on certain models of 30-inch monitors, showing flaws throughout its length. It was expected that the problem would be solved by means of a software update, but according to a response sent by Apple to a user, the only 30-inch monitor supported by the adapter is the Apple Cinema Display.

MacBook Mini Displayport - Dual-Link DVI adapter issue (+ Pro)

However, the product page available at the Apple Store Online does not mention anything about this compatibility restriction, despite citing Apple's most expensive monitor as an example. In addition, some customers report that Cinema Displays are only recommended for their use, due to the large amount of energy that is used by the adapter's USB connection. As the hub in each of them is powered independently, there are no problems with devices connected to other USB ports that do not work due to lack of power, for example.

Still, it appears that Apple is unwilling to offer support for anyone using the adapter on any other 30-inch monitor other than their Cinema Display. As for the smaller sizes, the accessory appears to work without any technical problem.