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Anatel approves batteries for iPhones 6s / 6s Plus and Wi-Fi version of iPad mini 4

Now, it is confirmed what we talked about yesterday: Apple even sent for approval by the National Telecommunications Agency the models A1688 and A1687 of iPhone 6s It's from iPhone 6s Plus, respectively (the same marketed by T-Mobile in the United States).

Today, dozens of homologations for different models of batteries devices, as shown in the certificates below:

Approved 6s / 6s Plus iPhones batteries

The batteries of the iPhones 6s are identified by the codes 616-00033, 616-00034, 616-00035, 616-00036, 616-00037 and 616-00038, while those of the iPhones 6s Plus by the codes 616-00042, 616-00043, 616 -00045, 616-00046, 616-00047 and 616-00066. They have 1,710mAh and 2,750mAh capacity, respectively.

The Wi-Fi model (A1538) of the iPad mini 4:

iPad mini 4 homologated

Here is his certificate:

Certificate of homologation of iPad mini 4

The Wi-Fi + Cellular version of the iPad mini 4 is still missing, as well as the iPhones 6s and 6s Plus themselves. Another product that should be approved soon is the new Apple TV.