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1983: Windows runs on Apple computers for the first time

Today, the launch anniversary of the first Macintosh, it is a good day to remember another important milestone in Apple's history: the first time that a computer from the Cupertino company worked using Windows in its version 1.0.

The machine to accomplish this feat was an Apple II with a monochrome green phosphor monitor and powered by a PC emulator hardware, a card manufactured by IBM and known as 88 Card. At the time sold for approximately US $ 900, it added a fully functional 8088 processor to the Apple II plus 64KB of RAM, making the machine compatible with any 16-bit applications a consumer dream for any computer fan at the time.

So, when using Boot Camp or virtualization software like Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion, remember that this story started a long, long time ago.

(Via: Gizmodo.)