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Voice and data traffic decreases, but values ​​remain above the pre-pandemic period

Between 9 and 15 March, the week in which the WHO declared the state of the pandemic and that the Government and the public and private entities began to take the first contingency measures, the data traffic increased 24% compared to the previous week, while voice traffic increased by 21%.

In the week of March 16 to 22, when the State of Emergency entered into force, traffic grew again, with an increase of 16% in the case of data and 32 in the case of voice. It was during this week that the highest volume of voice traffic took place, explains Anacom.

The regulator estimates that, on average, the State of Emergency has had an impact of around 49% per week on data traffic. The peak was recorded between 13 and 19 April. In terms of voice, the impact was 41% and, in the following weeks, it tended to decrease. However, it is still about 20% above the previous pandemic traffic.

Anacom estimates that, on average, fixed data traffic has increased 59% as a result of the state of emergency, while in the case of mobile data the impact was 9%. Mobile data traffic grew in the first four weeks of the state of emergency, falling later to lower than the previous week's pandemic declaration.

It is recalled that the three largest national operators offered customers 10 GB of mobile data at the beginning of the state of emergency period.

Anacom clarifies that the declaration of the State of Emergency caused a sharp drop in the traffic of national parcels. Since then, the values ??have been recovering, growing by an average of 7% per week.

With regard to international orders, there was also a sharp drop in the weeks following the declaration of the State of emergency. Now they have reached 61% in the case of the outflow and 34% in the case of the inflow, although above the previous pandemic value.