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Reduced stocks of iMacs; new models on the way?

According to the AppleInsiderThis week Apple informed its resellers that the distribution of all models of iMacs will be greatly reduced in the near future which may clearly indicate that the long awaited update is finally coming.

iMacs aside

In particular, Ma has warned that the top-of-the-line model (24 inches, 3.06GHz) will be totally unavailable, and it will not be possible to place further orders for this period. Many think that this could mean that Apple has already stopped producing it and is just waiting for a reduction in the stock of others.

The first rumors about new models of iMacs emerged in November last year, indicating that Apple would present them during Macworld Expo 2009. In January this year, we had more rumors about the possibility of the launch of five different models, which would already have the new chipsets from NVIDIA.

We don't know the real reason for the delay in updating iMacs, but it is believed that a complex decision about which processors will equip computers is the reason. As always, we have no confirmation on a possible date for Apple to announce these new models.

Who knows if the rumor about an Apple event on desktops in February is really true and we will see news very soon? Perhaps, even with the new cooling system on the iMacs?