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Now you can control your Android TV within the Google Home ecosystem!

At Android TVs received an update recently and will now work within the Google Home ecosystem. It is important to say that, to take advantage of this new feature, you do not have to have the Google Home device, but the platform.


The company would be preventing partner manufacturers from supporting both systems

Basically, you can now include your Android TV within a group of devices connected with Google Home – Chromecasts, other home assistants around the house, etc. The only thing the user needs to do is add the television to a speaker with other compatible gadgets. The 4gnews example can explain more broadly how it works:

Currently, it is possible to buy a Google Home assistant in Brazil for an average of R $ 180 to R $ 600. However, I remind you again that you do not need the device (physical) to use the new functionality of Android TV.

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