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New iMacs may be offered in both dual-core and quad-core versions

iMac: Don't touch me in intimate locations.

Rumors about the new generation of iMacs continue. This time, Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu told the AppleInsider who believes in the availability of both versions dual-core and quad-core (taking advantage of recent Intel releases) of Apple?s new home desktops.

The measure would make a lot of sense, maintaining a considerable difference between the iMacs and the Macs Pro and, at the same time, beginning the migration to the new generation of chips that for the first time would arrive in a domestic offer from Ma. the line would become quad-core by l, we will already be talking about processors octo-core on iMacs, and so the evolution continues.

The launch of the new iMacs should take place between March and June, says Shaw.