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Intel is ready to introduce the world's first eight-core Xeon processor to the world

Information obtained by Macworld indicate that Intel intends to introduce a new Xeon processor next month during the International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco. According to the conference program, the chip that will be detailed by company executives is a octo-core with 16 tasks, produced in its new 45 nanometer process.

Intel Xeon processor roadmap: the new chip must be based on the Nehalem EP architectureIntel Xeon processor roadmap: the new chip must be based on the Nehalem EP architecture

No further details have been confirmed about the company's presentation, scheduled for February 9. According to Nick Jacobs, Intel spokesman in Singapore, 16 documents will be shared with the event participants, but everything indicates that the processor to be presented based on the Nehalem EP architecture, intended for servers and workstations with two sockets. In short, he is a strong candidate for the new Mac Pro and Xserve, which have not been updated by Apple in a long time.

Some specifications about the new Xeon octo-core they are similar to other processors based on the same architecture. One of the new features Quick Path Interconnect, which replaces the current front-side bus, allowing greater flow of data between CPUs and other system components, thus increasing its performance. In addition, its integrated memory controller, which gives it greater performance on 64-bit systems, capable of handling huge amounts of memory for even better performance.