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From Plato to nuclear power plants: There is a website that brings together everything about the phenomenon of radioactivity

What is Humanity's relationship with radioactivity? this is the question that Illuminating Radioactivity sets out to answer. The website wants to demystify the mysteries surrounding the phenomenon in a simple and interactive way, taking the visitor to take a trip through its history.

The page created by the designers at Tubik Studio has the collaboration of the Stevens Institute of Technology, the Bombshelltoe Arts and Policy Collective and the Stimson Center. The website also features Lovely Umayam and Tammy Nguyen, the authors of the work Atomic Sublime.

In Illuminating Radioactivity you can browse through three different chapters. In the first, get to know the first scientific experiments done in the area, recalling, for example, the achievements of Wilhelm Roentger, the physicist behind the discovery of X-rays, and Marie Curie, the scientist who discovered the chemical elements radio and polio.

To help understand where it all started, Illuminating Radioactivity takes a trip to the times of Plato and Demcrito in the second chapter, and then goes on to briefly explore the evolution of theories around radioactivity. In the third chapter, you can get to know more about the first explorations in search of materials such as urn in the United States.