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From laboratory to parks in Singapore: Spot is helping authorities in the fight against COVID-19

Boston Dynamics' robotic candida star jumped from the lab into the world of work in November last year. After the Massachusetts State Police tested Spot to help people in potentially dangerous environments, the co-robot won a new mission in Singapore.

The Spot is being used by the country's authorities to ensure that the population is complying with the rules of social distance in public spaces. According to the government agency GovTech, the robot will patrol parks and transmit messages through its loudspeakers to inform passersby of the rules they must follow.

The Boston Dynamics automaker has already made his debut at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and can see him in action on a video captured by the local newspaper The Straits Times.

The Spot is equipped with a set of cameras that ensure that the robot does not hit people or objects on the street. In addition, it has software that allows estimating the number of individuals in one location. The Singapore government agency stresses that the cameras will not be used to collect information about the population or to monitor the movement of certain individuals.

From laboratory to parks in Singapore: Spot is helping authorities in the fight against COVID-19 The Boston Dynamic Spot on patrol in Singapore's Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park. credits: The Straits Times; Gin Tay

The co-robot will continue patrol tests until May 22, accompanied by a park official to avoid possible accidents. Even several warnings were posted to warn the population not to disturb the robot. If all goes well, more copies of the Spot can be placed in other parks in the country. In addition to Spot, the Government of Singapore is also using a fleet of 30 drones in public parks to monitor the movement of the population.

Robots are helping the world in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic: from drones used by authorities in Europe, to robots in hospitals, nursing homes and even supermarkets all over the world.

In China, once the epicenter of the pandemic, robots were often used to help stop the spread of the disease and perform functions that, due to the high level of proximity to other people, have become too risky for certain professions.