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Free up space on your iPad or iPhone / iPod touch with the PhoneExpander utility for Mac

Unless you have one iGadget with 64GB or 128GB, free space can eventually become an issue. If you have an 8GB, I can't imagine how bad your experience with the device must be.

For recently a Mac utility called PhoneExpander which makes it easy to free up space on your iPad or iPhone / iPod touch. He currently works on three fronts:

  • Erase caches / temporary app files;
  • Lists very heavy apps and allows you to uninstall them;
  • Helps to backup and erase large photos and videos.

Its operation is very simple / straightforward and works just like iTunes, with the iGadget connected to the Mac via USB. Soon, he will also work with music in this space release.

PhoneExpander for Mac

Depending on your use of your iGadget, the space release can be greater or less. Christina Warren from Mashable, for example, managed to get rid of 8GB of its iPad.

PhoneExpander is still in beta, so it?s good to use it with caution and always have a backup of your device on iTunes and / or iCloud. At least for now, it's free.