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Apple has plans for yet another futuristic campus, this one in Sunnyvale; plans to expand its Prineville data center

We already know very well the monstrosity of Apple's ?spaceship campus? in Cupertino, but evidently it houses only a portion of its employees. In Sunnyvale, right there, it seems that Apple already has quite ambitious plans.

As reported yesterday the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Apple reportedly signed a lease with Landbank Investments to occupy a future campus identified as ?Central & Wolfe?, with an area of ??more than 72,000m.

The project, detailed in this PDF (with several renders 3D like the one you see above), shows a very modern structure merging, like the Apple Campus 2 in Cupertino, buildings with natural elements. It is not yet known, however, whether Apple follows this same design.

The location is expected to house about 3,000 Apple employees.

Prineville Data Center

Meanwhile, the The Bulletin reported a few days ago that Apple acquired another 200 acres of land to expand its data center in Prineville (Oregon) in an investment of $ 3.6 million.

Apple today has two buildings occupying more than 31,000m each in the region. The expansion project itself has yet to be submitted and approved.

(via MacRumors, MacNN)