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Apple car equipped with cameras suggests that Google's Street View will have competition

The launch of the Apple map service was such a disaster that it weighed heavily on the resignation of the then head of iOS, Scott Forstall. Since then, however, things are improving. Still, it is undeniable that the main competitor (Google Maps) is far superior to the solution offered by Ma.

One of his great differentials is Street View, a resource by which we can see with our own eyes several streets around the world, whether by computer, tablet or smartphone. For it seems that Apple also invests in a similar resource.

The video above shows a Dodge car rented by Apple with the roof fully equipped with cameras running through Brooklyn, New York; photos of similar cars were also taken in the Bay Area, as reported by Remember this here, right?

Apple van

Apple van

Some newspapers, such as CBS San Francisco who consulted analyst Rob Enderle, are speculating that these cars would actually be an Apple project similar to Google Driverless Car. Enderle said that this vehicle has too many cameras (12 in total) to be ?just? a mapping initiative. However, the 9to5Mac he recalled that: 1. Google's own car has more cameras; 2. A car without a driver requires the responsible company to have a special license for this. Currently, only six have something like this and Apple is not one of them.

Yes, it could be a partnership between Apple and one of these other companies, but we agree that being a new ?Street View? makes a lot more sense considering the products / services that Apple has today.

Here is the hope that something like that doesn't take too long to paint on Ma's maps (maybe on iOS 9) and that the initial availability is not limited to the United States, one of the largest companies in the world with a strong presence in several countries cannot more to prioritize your homeland this way.