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A tough start for the BlackBerry Storm

Released with all the pomp and circumstance at the end of November 2008 by Research In Motion, with the clear objective of becoming the main competitor of the iPhone – let's face it, any cell phone / smartphone that has a touch screen, nowadays, immediately winged position of iPhone-killer – and despite an advertising campaign that has already spent more than $ 100 million, the BlackBerry Storm faces some serious problems two months after it hits the market.

Although it sold 500,000 units in its debut month without a doubt a pretty good commercial result, the BlackBerry Storm is still far from equaling the 2.4 million brand of devices sold in the launch of the iPhone 3G.

Part of this slower growth is certainly due to factors such as negative criticism from the specialized press, problems with the virtual keyboard, some strangeness in the behavior of the touchscreen and its revolutionary (?) Technology SurePress,the lack of Wi-Fi connection present in simpler devices, such as the BlackBerry Bold, slower response accelerometer, when compared to the iPhone, and the erroneous behavior presented by some native software of the device, not all resolved with the software update carried out by its manufacturer a few weeks ago.

These issues are, I believe, due to two basic factors: the entire operating system of devices manufactured by RIM optimized to work – and it works perfectly, believe me – together with the excellent physical QWERTY keyboards that the Ontario company produces. The second complicating factor was the rush to launch its new smartphone, with a view to taking advantage of the holidays for Thanksgiving Day and, of course, Christmas, to the detriment of greater stability of the operating system and its applications. For Jim Balsillie, co-chief executive of RIM, certain problems of usability and stability are part of a ?new reality?, with the mass launch of highly complex smartphones.

Honestly, I didn't understand RIM's option of taking the paths opened by the iPhone, after all, BlackBerries and iPhones are different devices for different audiences. If nothing compares to the mobile internet browsing brought by the Apple device and there is, in this world, nothing better to send and receive emails and text messages than a BlackBerry. As folk wisdom always taught, every monkey on its branch.

(Via: The Wall Street Journal.)