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Video: Tim Cook is honored by the Human Rights Campaign

At the end of last week, as we reported, the Human Rights Campaign (The Human Rights Campaign) honored Tim Cook in its 19 national event with the ?Visibility Award?.

Cook received this honor almost a year after speaking publicly, for the first time, about his sexual orientation.

I wrote an article that was deeply personal. I wanted to lend my voice to people who may not be ready to exercise theirs. It was an open letter to the public, but it was addressed above all to everyone who was rejected by their friends, their communities or even their families simply for who they are. I will tell you that I didn?t do it by attention. I am a private person by nature. As I grew up, I learned that you must distinguish yourself by what you do, not by what you say or how high you say. But sometimes you just have to speak up. People need to know that being gay is not a limitation. People need to know that being gay does not restrict their options in life. People need to know that you can be gay or transsexual and be everything you want in life.

() We are closer than ever to the day that Martin Luther King dreamed of when children would only be judged on the content of their character. But that day has not yet come.

Nice words and nice tribute from HRC. The video is worth watching (above).

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