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Video: How different is the Taptic Engine from the iPhones 6s / 6s Plus in practice?

When launching the iPhones 6s / 6s Plus, Apple talked a lot about the Taptic Engine and how important it was to bring this new vibrating engine that first arrived on the Apple Watch to the device, now that it has 3D Touch technology.

Unless you take one of the new devices in hand, it is difficult to explain in practice how different this new engine is. But our friend William Marchiori, from Infinite Loop, had the good idea to demonstrate this by the sound emitted, comparing the iPhone 6 with the 6s in the video above.

Every smartphone has a silent mode. This mode is usually activated together with the vibration of the device, which is not at all silent. We all know how scandalous a smartphone can be left on the table when the peak hour on WhatsApp hits. Does the Taptic Engine on the iPhone 6s help to improve this situation?

It is worth noting that, although it is much quieter than the vibrating motor used in the previous generation, the Taptic Engine is even more effective in tactile feedback to the user; that is, the vibration is even more noticeable.

Good job, Apple!