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Tales From the Loop, the retro-futuristic series from Amazon Prime

Adaptation of the book and retro-futuristic game by Swedish author Simon Stlenhag, Tales From The Loop critical success

The route to Tales from the Loop arrive at Amazon Prime really interesting. Below you can learn a little more about the Swedish author Simon Stlenhag, the works that were developed from his illustrations and the production of the series that is already available in the Amazon Prime.

Simon Stlenhag, before Tales From the Loop

The Swedish illustrator, born in 1984, was known at the beginning of the past decade for his intriguing works. Most of his illustrations are scenes from rural Sweden, but with something particular: mundane elements are combined with spaceships and robots. In addition, installations on runes and devastated landscapes make up a universe, which the author himself defines as retro-futuristic. The artist's website features several of his works:

The illustrations began to draw public attention and Simon Stlenhag saw the opportunity to transform this project into a hybrid type of narrative novel and art book. To this end, the author started a campaign on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter.

Tales from the Loop – Book

Tales From the Loop, Amazon Prime's retro-futuristic series

The initial value proposed by Simon Stlenhag on the platform it was 10 thousand dollars and he managed an impressive 320 thousand dollars. And with that the book was successfully financed and released to the public.

The book focuses, for the most part, on the fictional history of a small town, in which the Swedish government built a mysterious particle accelerator, called by locals as "The Loop". The project is then abandoned, but the consequences of the experiments carried out there, such as the appearance of strange robots, are seen in the landscapes of the peaceful city.

The book was a tremendous success, and the author managed to produce two more books: ?Things from the Flood?Launched in 2016, which focuses on the same universe as?Tales from the Loop" and "The Electric State?Launched in 2017, with an independent story.

Good news for fans of "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Avengers: Endgame?: The directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo bought the rights to adapt to ?The Electric State?. The book tells the story of a teenager and a robot as they travel through the interior of the United States. The adaptation still does not have a premiere date.

Tales from the Loop – Game

The author Simon Stlenhag, given the success of his books, decides to create a new campaign on the platform Kickstarter, this time for the creation of an RPG game based on his books. See below the trailer (in English) that was used in the campaign to finance the game.

In the game, you choose a character (all teenagers in the late eighties) to solve mysteries connected to ?The Loop?. The characters are archetypes such as "the vivid reader", "the trouble maker", "the popular boy" and "the weirdo". The daily life of these teenagers, normal, with conflicts with their parents and with bullying.

Mysteries lead the characters to find strange machines and creatures that appeared after the ?The Loop?Was built. The game can be found on the specialized platform Free League.

In addition to the RPG game, board game is currently being developed and has a release date of 2021. As usual, Simon Stlenhag, now a veteran of financing his projects through the platform Kickstater, is with the project at this very moment and has already exceeded the requested value of 46 thousand Euros by 4 times. The project has already raised almost 220 thousand euros.

Tales from the Loop – Srie

In view of the success of all materials based on the works of Simon Stlenhag, it was inevitable that it would reach either theaters or television. THE Amazon secured the rights of both ?Tales of the Loop" and "Things from the Flood?In 2018 and production started.

During the negotiations, at the author's own request, the series would be based only on books, ignoring the expanded universe created for the games. The author, who also acts as an executive producer, allowed the series to be transported to the American countryside, so that it could reach an international audience. This decision, which was met with controversy, was very well defended by the author.

Considering the important role that the Swedish rural scenario plays in the universe, Stlenhag he claimed that his books are not conventional, and are a representation of a parallel reality, not necessarily of a specific country. The most important element was to maintain the confrontation of rural landscapes with technology and neo-futurism.

Along with the author, in the chair of executive producer, are Nathaniel Halpern, responsible for successful series like ?Legion" and "The Killing"And, Matt Reeves, director of the films"Cloverfield"And the next"The Batman?, Which hits theaters in 2021.

Check out the series trailer below.

One of the interesting elements of the production was the decision to have each episode directed by a different director. The producers gave a chance to both relatively new directors, as well as to more established names in the industry.

Andrew Stanton, director who won Oscar Best animation by ?Looking for Nemo" and "Wall-E", and Jodie Foster, a two-time Oscar-winning actress who has worked extensively as a television director, having directed episodes of series such as "Black Mirror" and "House of Cards", are among the selected directors. Stanton direct the 4 episode and Foster drives the final episode.

Many have compared ?Tales from the Loop" a Stranger Things and Dark and the series received good reviews, currently with 84% approval on the Rotten Tomatoes website.

All 8 episodes of the series are now available on the platform Amazon Prime.

And you, already watched Tales From The Loop? Tell us what you think about the series comments!