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Rumor: just like OS X Snow Leopard, iOS 9 will focus on optimizations and general improvements

Who here remembers Snow Leopard? I guarantee that many, after all 1.58% of the readers of MacMagazine still use OS X 10.6 on their Macs. Why does a person use an operating system that was released six years ago? Some because their machines are old and cannot run the new systems; others, however, agree that it was one of the most stable versions ever released by Apple and are unable to abandon it.

iOS 9

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Apple used the following strategy with it: instead of focusing on new features, it preferred to take OS X Leopard (10.5) and polish the system until it is completely round. When your closet is in a zone, what do you do or should you do? Take everything out of it, get rid of what you no longer use and then put everything back again, just in an organized way. That's what Apple did. The main novelty of 10.6, then, was stability and performance. And now, rumors indicate that the same thing will happen with iOS.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple wants to do just that with iOS 9. After eight versions of the mobile operating system (each with many new features), Ma wants to stop and optimize the system so that it performs even better.

For 2015, iOS 9 includes a set of improvements under the cap. Sources tell us that iOS 9 engineers are working with a ?huge? focus on bug fixing, maintaining stability and increasing the performance of the new operating system, and not just introducing important new features. Apple will also continue to strive to maintain the size of the operating system and manageable updates, especially for the many millions of 16GB iOS device owners.

This does not mean that iOS 9 does not bring any feature-related news or anything like that (such as news for maps, a new streaming of music embedded in the system, etc.). Historically every iPhone / iOS release has brought some interesting news and this year shouldn't be any different. However, the company's focus is not to add many of these features, but to improve the system as a whole, which in my view is extremely necessary taking into account the enormous baggage accumulated in the last eight years.