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Review: Huawei nova 5T brings four AI-filled cameras and battery for the whole day

The new Huawei 5T is a smartphone that appeals to the large 6.26 "screen and powerful processor. Know the model in this review

Launched in late April, the Huawei nova 5T (with no lower n) the company's new bet for those looking for a smartphone similar to P30 Pro, but at a more affordable price. The premium intermediate comes equipped with five cameras, a large, immersive 6.26-inch screen, its own processor Kirin 980 and operating system EMUI 9.1, based on Android 9.

Despite bringing some advanced configurations, the Huawei new 5T reaches the market without being considered a top of the line. Features like expandable storage, water resistance and wireless charging are items you won't find on the device. Still, the smartphone pleases in other ways, such as the quad camera set (rear). And, of course, we can not fail to highlight its functions with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

O Showmetech tested the brand new Huawei nova 5T black and then presents a complete analysis of the model.

Premium smartphone design

6.26 inch nova 5T screenThe smartphone has a large 6.26-inch screen (Image: Darlan Helder / Showmetech)

O new 5T accompanies the contemporary trend of smartphones: large and immersive screen, less edge and more cameras. His design brings some lines of the already known Huawei Y9s and P30 lite.

The back of the Huawei nova 5T in glass and the sides were worked in aluminum. Also on the back, there is a reflective finish, with a holographic appearance and a three-dimensional effect, especially in the colored models, as in the Midsummer Purple option.

Back of the new Huawei 5T (Image: Darlan Helder / Showmetech)Back of the new Huawei 5T (Image: Darlan Helder / Showmetech)

Still in the rear, there is one of the main attractions of the smartphone: four lenses (quad camera) accompanied by a flash. The arrangement of the cameras was organized leaving one underneath the other, however the fourth lens (macro) is next to the depth camera. Another strength of the new 5T the 6.26-inch display (IPS LCD Punch FullView), which allows wide view in all areas. The screen occupies almost the entire front of the device, remaining in its lower part a black area without functionalities, which does not cause inconvenience.

Still in the frontal area, the Huawei eliminated the notch and introduced a 32 megapixel selfie lens in the upper left corner. Opting for this design, the model guarantees a spectrum of colors in the four corners and this was noticeable during the days we stayed with the device.

Huawei nova 5T selfie cameraHole in the screen with 32MP selfie camera (Image: Darlan Helder / Showmetetch)

On the right side, there is the lock / unlock button which is also a fingerprint scanner. Near him (at the top), the Huawei positioned the volume button. On the left side, the user will find the Nano-SIM tray.

At the bottom, there are the USB-C socket and the speaker on the right side. You must be wondering about the headphone jack, right? Well, there is no traditional P2 input, following the trend of today's smartphones. Like other devices, the USB-C port serves both for the phone and for charging the phone.

USB-C port of the new Huawei 5TThe USB-C port of the new Huawei 5T is used to charge the device and also to use a headset (Image: Darlan Helder / Showmetech)

O Huawei nova 5T comes with wired headset and looks identical to the EarPods, gives Apple. The phone that comes with the cell phone has interesting sound quality, but its construction is very fragile, with very simple plastic.

Artificial Intelligence Camera

If you, as well as the author of this review, a lover of photography, special attention is needed for camera analysis of Huawei nova 5Tas this can influence the purchase decision. The device's lenses work with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can deliver interesting results – depending on the object to be captured.

The model equipped with four rear lenses: the main one has 48 megapixels (f / 1.8), the secondary one has a 16MP wide angle (f / 2.2), there is a 2MP macro (f / 2.4) and another 2MP bokeh for details and light balance. The front (selfie), in turn, is filled with Artificial Intelligence and leaves the factory with a 32 megapixel sensor.

Four lenses of the new Huawei 5TThe new Huawei nova 5T comes equipped with four lenses (Image: Darlan Helder / Showmetech)

After the specifications are presented, let us practice: o Huawei nova 5T delivers a better result than the OnePlus 7 Pro, which has similar configurations. At the new 5T the 48MP lens works well with image stabilization and easy autofocus when pointed at the object to be captured. This lens is more open, so it can collect more light and deliver more vivid images.

In our assessment, we feel that the Huawei nova 5T produces higher quality images in landscapes. When there is good lighting, the device makes beautiful records, enhancing colors and details.

Image taken with the new Huawei 5TImage taken with the new Huawei 5T (Image: Darlan Helder / Showmetech)

When photographing people, however, we feel the quality is a little harsh, creating an artificial aesthetic and over-saturated. On the selfie camera, this effect can be reduced by disabling the Artificial Intelligence setting. Still, the improvement at 100%.

Speaking of AI, the processor Kirin 980 it works very well with technology and this is noticeable when using the selfie camera, with filters and native interactive effects. You can create videos and gifs of fish, rabbit, wolf, robot and kitten, to post on your social networks. In addition, AI works in low light situations. If you need to take a selfie in a dark place, the phone recognizes this difficulty and tries to make the necessary adjustment.

The camera app new 5T it is packed with resources for you to produce good photos (listed below), but it is worth paying special attention to the super macro function (used to capture small objects), as the result is disappointing. We did tests with several objects and the image came out with excessive noise, and without clarity.

Despite having night mode on the camera (for low light photos), we were unable to get good images.

Camera modes

  • Video;
  • Photograph;
  • Portrait;
  • Night;
  • AR (Augmented Reality) lens, with 3D interactive filters;
  • In Mais, you will find the following settings: pro (manual), slow camera, panoramic, aperture, light painting, HDR, time lapse, film, filter, label, documents, super macro and download.

Screen and audio

The smartphone display does not reach the level of OLED panels, but the new 5T it does not let go of the vivid colors and immersion in some contents, especially with games. Brightness and contrasts are guaranteed, but don't expect vibrant blacks.

Screen with Showmetech Huawei Nova 5T websiteThe device has an LCD screen (Image: Darlan Helder / Showmetech)

The very large 6.26-inch FHD + LCD screen and a resolution of 2,340 x 1,080, with 412 ppi, allowing a full field of view.

Even though it has display settings, with eye comfort and automatic brightness, we miss the dark mode.

The perforated screen with the selfie camera can look uncomfortable looking at the photos of the Huawei nova 5T, but during use you end up not even noticing that there is a hole, except when you open an application that takes the entire display. We can see it playing Call Of DutyFor example, however, we do not feel uncomfortable.

Netflix series shown in the new 5TNetflix series shown on the new 5T (Image: Darlan Helder / Showmetech)

As P30 Lite it's the P30 Pro, the new premium intermediary from Huawei has a speaker located on the bottom of the device. He can handle the job alone, with good reproduction in music and videos. Even so, there may be slight distortions in some content with maximum volume.

Despite the fragile material, the headset (included) pleases for the sound quality. The bass is well defined, while the treble is average in some audio. We noticed that the isolation of the phone was very efficient and, in our evaluation, it was able to efficiently hide external noise.

Huawei nova 5T headsetHuawei nova 5T headset (Image: Darlan Helder / Showmetech)

Operating system and performance

The new Huawei nova 5T has its own operating system, the EMUI 9.1, based on Android 9, of Google. Along with the Huawei, the device already comes with Google installed: Google Chrome, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Drive, Play Music, Play Movies & TV, Google Photos, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Duo, besides Play Store.

The interface of the cell phone is beautiful, well fluted and does not generate interruptions, being very easy. But if you don't like the look, the user has the option of making changes to the theme through the Themes application, which is already installed.

The new Huawei nova 5T equipped with processor HiSilicon Kirin 980 octa-core eight cores running at 2.6 GHz, that is, the same high-end processor Huawei P30 Pro it's the Kill 20. This chipset works very efficiently running several applications without bottlenecks, even with heavy apps. The 8 GB RAM memory.

The Mali-G76 720 MHz GPU and the device work with dual NPUs (neural network processing unit), which operate together to ensure optimum performance.

Car game on the new Huawei 5TThe new Huawei 5T a smartphone that runs heavy games smoothly (Image: Darlan Helder / Showmetech)

Memory and connectivity

Unfortunately, the new 5T does not allow the expansion of storage. In view of this, you will have to adapt to the 128 GB to store photos, videos, games and other applications. The device has NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for payments by approach. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, the connection with other devices is very solid and easy.

Regarding the sensors, the device comes with seven: the fingerprint, ambient light, proximity, gravity, Hall Sensor, gyroscope and compass.

And, as stated earlier, the new 5T works only with USB-C inputs / connectors, valid for headset and charger.


When it comes to battery life, the Huawei nova 5T complies well with the specifications. Only 3,750 mAh capacity, being able to last all day depending on usage. During the testing period, we were able to watch videos and play heavy games for a long time away from the plugs.

As explained by Huawei, the device comes with GPU Turbo 3.0 which, in addition to improving gaming performance, ensures battery life and reduces energy consumption.

The battery power with the 22.5 W charger is very fast, reaching 50% in up to 30 minutes. It is important to note that the charger does not have the Brazilian standard for sockets, which may require the use of an adapter.


Nova 5T screen with camera onThe new Huawei 5T has beautiful design (Image: Darlan Helder / Showmetech)

O Huawei nova 5T a smartphone with beautiful design and full of interesting features. The model gains positive points for bringing a fast processor with Artificial Intelligence, capable of running heavy games without difficulties besides performing tasks with great property.

The quality of the camera could be better especially with the super macro function. Still, the Huawei did well to include several features that allow creative and well-produced images. But here's a recommendation: if you like mobile photography, you may be better off evaluating other options on the market.

Back of the new Huawei 5TThe new Huawei 5T hits the market for less than R $ 3 thousand (Image: Darlan Helder / Showmetech)

In addition, the new 5T arrives on the market with generous battery autonomy, large and immersive screen with bright colors (even if it is LCD), in addition to a beautiful and swift interface. If you choose the Huawei, be sure to consider that the device does not allow expandable storage, does not have a headphone connector and is not water resistant.

If you notice that you are going to miss one of the features mentioned above, it is worth taking a look at other premium intermediaries, such as Galaxy A51 or A71. If you want to stay in the family Huawei, then we suggest looking at the P30 Pro.

In Brazil, the Huawei nova 5T for being found selling for R $ 2,758.00.

Datasheet Huawei nova 5T

Model Huawei nova 5T
Processor Kirin 980
Screen 6.26 inchHUAWEI Punch FullView Display, LCD
Dimensions 154.25mm x 73.97mm x 7.87 mm
Weight 174g
Build Front and rear glassAluminium frame
Cameras Rear:48MP HD Lens16MP Ultra Wide Angle 2MP Macro2MP Bokeh

Front:32MP f / 2.0

Video 4k, 30fps
audio Mono (1 speaker)
Operating system EMUI 9.1 (based on Android 9)
RAM memory 8GB RAM
Internal Storage 128GB
External Storage Not expandable
Drums 3750mAh
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0USB-C 2.0NFC5G
Sensors Ambient light sensorGyroscopeBassolaProximity sensorGravity sensorHall SensorFingerprint sensor
Colors Crush Blue, Black and MidsummerPurple
Box Contents – Huawei nova 5T – USB-C cable – Headphone – Power supply – Transparent case – Manuals
Price R $ 2,758.00
  • Design and Construction – 10/10
  • Screen – 9/10
  • Hardware and Software – 9/10
  • Camera – 7/10
  • Connectivity – 6/10
  • Drums – 9/10

8.3 / 10

Huawei nova 5T

The new Huawei 5T delights with its large screen, fast processor and powerful battery. However, it could bring some improvements to the camera and conventional headphone jack.


  • Quad camera;
  • Big screen;
  • Affordable price;
  • Fast processor;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Long-lasting battery.


  • Macro lens falls short;
  • Portrait mode has artificial aesthetics;
  • Leaves fingerprints on the back;
  • It does not allow adding memory card;
  • It does not have a conventional headphone jack.