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New standard to allow cell phones to charge devices via NFC

Charging small wireless gadgets can become more practical and easier in the near future. O NFC Forum, responsible for the communication technology by proximity field, presented the technology Wireless Charging Specification (WLC). Through it, it will be possible to allow devices such as chargers and smartphones, equipped with a single antenna, to transfer energy to compatible electronics in up to one watt. At the same time, NFC devices equipped with the feature could also communicate.

As the Engadget, although it seems little, one watt is enough to charge wireless headphones or even a smartwatch relatively quickly. As many devices already come with factory NFC, it would be easier to implement this type of charging.

"Wireless charging via NFC is truly transformative because it changes the way we design and interact with small battery-powered devices, as the elimination of plugs and cables allows for the creation of smaller, airtight devices," said Koichi Tagawa, president of the NFC Forum .

The standard could work with other devices equipped with NFC in addition to smartphones, including chargers, PCs, tablets and even video game controls – the Wii U gamepad has an NFC chip, for example.


Product is costing less than $ 35 in China, cheaper than competitor Huawei

Recently, Samsung and Huawei introduced a feature in which some of their smartphones are able to charge their respective gadgets like headsets, making use of the Qi standard. In both cases, however, NFC is not used. Taking both cases as an example, we can see the new WLC standard being able to break barriers by bringing compatibility between devices from different manufacturers.

It is important to be aware that the specification has just been published, therefore, its implementation may still take time to reach the consumer.

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