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Netbook of the poor (or of the creatives?) Found for sale on eBay

Special collaboration by Diego Sierra.

Are you a very busy executive, full of daily meetings, exploited by your employer, have a need for a computer during your business hikes and don't have the money to buy a netbook? Your problems are over! Try using the Poor Mans Netbook or, in good Portuguese, the Poor Man's Netbook.

Netbook of the poor

A technological artist, known only for Brotato, modified a case and installed components of a netbook inside it. The device that weighs just over 5 kilos has a 14.2 inch LCD screen and a keyboard from the Precambrian period. The best that really works!

Netbook of the poor

He tested it with Microsoft Windows 7 and Mac OS X, but currently the suite runs XP. Your card based on the Mini0ITX Intel D945GCLF2 dual-core 1.6Ghz Atom and also integrates 2GB of RAM, 160GB HD and 802.11n Wi-Fi connection. In fact, it doesn't seem that poor, compared to what we have on the market.

Netbook of the poor

Of course, not everything is perfect: the Bluetooth 2.1 module did not work as expected and the netbook simply has no battery. Still, if you want to acquire such a beauty, the Brotato is selling the device on eBay for $ 305. Good move!

(Via: Engadget.)